Compare prices per month with other rental properties*

Rent for Office $
Rent for Reception and Lobby areas $
Parking for tenants and customers $
Conference room, 14-Chair, (18 x 21) $
Copy room (16 x 20) $
Phone board system for multiple lines and voicemail $
Telephone(s) in offices $
Full kitchen, RMD (12 x 14) (plus coffee/tea/refreshments) $
Fully Furnished common areas with finest furniture $
Fully Furnished office, finest furniture, & drapes $
Plants in all offices and throughout common areas $
Private storage areas lock & security system: 4’ W X 4’ D X 10’ T $
Receptionist to greet customers and visitors; offer beverages $
Taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance $
Connection to high-speed DSL or T1 lines $
Computer/high-speed data lines already in place $
Use of file server and network equipment $
Installed cable lines into all offices for Cable modems / CABLE TV $
Individual Heating and AC zones in each office $
Custom book cases in all offices and secretarial suites $
Fireplace w/beautiful mahogany wood & marble surrounds offices $
Showers/lockers $
Bicycle parking $
Outdoor patios, gas grill and lawn for social functions $
Interior/exterior walls well-insulated for sound and privacy $
Six spacious restrooms $
Comprehensive security system $
Private post office boxes available on site $
Telephone background music & customized business advertisement $
24 hour building security $
Other monthly expenses $

*Please add all of the above monthly expenses that you must pay to rent space in similar Class-A commercial properties. Compare our very reasonable prices. You will then see how much you will save; yet you will still enjoy the finest office space available in Colorado.